Title2.ed.gov is currently undergoing maintenance and is scheduled to be online in December 2021.


Thank you for your participation in our Higher Education Act Title II Accountability data collection efforts. Our office is transitioning this collection work to new contractors: Trewon Technologies and RTI International. We are working closely with Trewon and RTI International to transfer the website and collection infrastructure to new servers. We look forward to working with you in the coming years and supporting you as you submit these important data.

Title II data provide critical measures of teacher preparation programs and insight into the K-12 teacher pipeline for policymakers and educators at all levels. These data are even more valuable since the COVID-19 pandemic has led many K-12 teachers to retire, and during a time when fewer students are enrolling in teacher preparation programs. Monitoring the licensure of new teachers, both nationally and within states, demands policymakers’ attention.

We regret that the site has been unavailable. The State Report Card (SRC) data collection will begin later this fall. Your participation is important to making this study a success.

Thank you again for your cooperation and patience. If you have any questions, please contact the Project Director, Dr. Freddie Cross, via e-mail at Freddie.Cross@ed.gov.